Garden Lessons: Sorting Seeds (Pre-K & Kindergarten)


Grades: Pre-K & Kindergarten

Lesson Objective(s): Different Seeds grow different types of plants

Ohio Curriculum Standard: Objects can be sorted and categorized.

Supplies Needed

  • “It Starts With a Seed” Book

  • wooden paint-stir stick to write name of class & date for soil bed

  • markers (to write name on paper)

  • Seed Worksheet (1 per student)

    • reads “________’s SEEDS” At top

    • 3 circles below with examples of what plant look like inside each circle: labeled underneath: Sunflower, Beet, Bean

  • an example of completed seed worksheet

  • A beet, a pea, and an ear of corn example

  • Several blankets (to lay on ground if working outside- 4-5 blankets)

  • thin-neck glue bottles

  • bowls/cups with seeds inside (4-5 bowls/cups for each group)

  • Harmonica

Introduction (5 mins)

  • Welcome everyone to garden: introduce self & grown ups

  • Read “ It starts with a seed” book

Activity (20 mins)

  • Today we’re going to be looking at different kinds of seeds- and even get to plant some seeds!

  • Show kids example of different types of seeds:

    • do these seeds look the same, or different?

    • is this seed bigger, or smaller, than this seed?

    • etc.

  • show example of how you can sort the seeds on the paper into beet, pea, and corn seeds

  • Add 5 to each circle

  • Leave artwork somewhere it will dry for a few moments

  • go inside greenhouse to plant pea seeds

  • demo one- once done planting seed, grab a watering can with a buddy, and water garden

  • if inside classroom: plant in seeding tray for class

Wrap up (5 mins)

  • Gather up

  • Make a prediction: What do we think will happen to our snap pea seeds?

  • Everybody wash hands/hand sanitize

  • Snap pea snack:

    • have kids open up snap peas- what does it look like is inside?