Garden Lessons: Garden Scavenger Hunt (Grades Pre-K - 1st)


Grades: Pre-K - 1st

Lesson Objective(s): Students practice reading skills, teamwork, and problem-solving using a scavenger hunt worksheet.*

* Pre-K worksheets focus on counting & colors.

*Kindergarten worksheets focus on living vs non-living things in the garden.

*First Grade Worksheets focus on needs of living things.

Supplies Needed

  • Garden Scavenger Hunt Worksheet (1 for every 4 students)

  • Clipboards

  • Pencils

  • Stickers

  • For Kindergarten only:

    • Poster with line between: Living & Non-Living

    • Cut out pictures of items from scavenger hunt: bug, butterfly, tomato, flower, high tunnel, shovel, corn plant, watering can, worm

  • Harmonica

Introduction (5 mins):

  • Welcome everyone to garden: introduce self again

  • Quickly review what we did last week: You have rules in your classroom! When we saw you last, we talked about some rules we have the garden. Raise your hand if you can think of a rule we have in the garden (take 3-4 hands)

Activity (20 mins)

  • Explain instructions: We’re doing a scavenger hunt today!

    • Quickly review- use walking feet, follow directions of grown-up helper, not picking anything w/o permission, etc.

    • Once you find & answer a square, your group can put a sticker on it

    • When finished, go to picnic table to get snack

  • pair up students in small groups with 1 grown-up helper for each group

  • Students do scavenger hunt!

  • Once they finish scavenger hunt, they go to the picnic table to get a snack

Garden Activity

  • If time at end: water garden, pot up lettuce, or plant seeds

Wrap up:

  • Gather in group

  • Ask about what they saw in the garden today

  • Sing the group out (if class wants to)

    • Goodbye garden, goodbye garden

      Time to go

      We had so much fun here

      Watch us grow


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